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Lock and Key Necklace Set for Couples

Looking for a lock and key necklace set for you and your boo? Here are some awesome lock and key necklace set for couples. They are very beautiful and they are made of fine steel. Apart from the visual appeal, there are some other reasons to buy these lock and key necklace set for couples.


All the designs of the key and lock necklace for couples are simply amazing and have endless meaning. Since it is for couples, the pendants can only be complete when two pieces are together; one piece symbolize a lock and the other is a key. It symbolize that your other partner hold the key to your heart and only the person with the key can open the lock. As of genders, usually the girl wear the piece with the lock symbol and the guy keep the key. However, our his and her lock and key necklaces are suitable for both genders.


Maintenance for the necklace with heart lock and key is very minimal or no maintenance. Since they are all made of fine steel, you only need to clean them with a piece of cloth and soapy water. They will continue to shine. Our pendant for lock and key necklaces are high polish and it can be very shiny when wearing under the sun because of the rays of the sun


Despite the nice qualities of these lock and key necklace set for couples, they come at reasonable prices. Their prices are very affordable and you can order several of them. In fact, some of them cost less than $20 for a set, which is less than $10 a necklace with full of meaning. Worry about quality, all our lock and key necklace sets are hand selected. We make sure each of them are made from the finest steel, test them, inspect them before we added to our online collection. To back our quality standard, we offer 100% satisfaction or money back on all order. Our pricing for the lock and key necklace only reflect on the design, not the quality.


Another quality of these lock and key necklace set for couples is durability. These couple necklaces are very durable since they are made of the finest steel. It also resist to rust and corrosion. The only thing that can happen to them is surface scratches because of the shine and high polish. However, scratches can be erased by re-polish them.


These beautiful lock and key necklaces set for couples are unisex so, you and your love will have more than enough options. Lock and key necklace can be worn by either one. The boyfriend can be the lock or the key and still look fashionable because these are trendy collection.


Your satisfaction is our number one concern. We do not joke around when we said 100% satisfaction guarantee. For any reason that you don’t like the lock and key necklace set that you bought, email us and we’ll take them back. We ship worldwide!

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